Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gibson's Affordances Reading 9.23.15

The importance of anything is a specific combination of the properties of a substance and the surfaces taken with reference in animal

The difference between a niche and a habitat is that a niche is how the animal lives whereas the habitat is where the animal lives

A niche has to exist before an animal can take advantage of it. The environment affords many different kinds of food and different ways of getting food.

The concept of a niche emphasizes an important fact about affordances

The article implies that man has overtaken  the advantages of its niche. The environment naturally provide what the we needed but humans have made it easier for us to acquire food and so have built an artificial environment to survive.

"There is only one world however diverse and all animals live in it all the way human animals have altered it to suit ourselves."

There are different kinds of affordances
1. Surfaces
2. Detached objects afford manipulation
Examples of manipulation include wielding a club or hammer
using a rigid object such as a knife
using a  graspable rigid object
using an elongated elastic objects such as fiber and
using a handheld tool

The origin of the concept of affordances comes from Gestalt psychologist who recognize that the meaning or value of a thing seems to be perceived just as immediately as color. " to quote from the principle of just Gestalt psychology each thing says what it is a fruit says eat me water says drink me Thunder says fear me and woman says love me"

The term Aufforderungsharakter has been translated to invention character and then into valence and then valence became vectors and vectors could be represented as arrows pushing observer towards or away the from object.

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