Monday, September 21, 2015

Exploring Arduino Chapter 3: Analog Signals, Potentiometers

Sorry the video is sideways. I shoot with my phone in a widescreen format (sensibly! since monitors are horizontal) but it orients the video vertically like an idiot. I have not yet figured out how to easily rotate the video..

There was one little flaw in the coding of the book. For the night light photoresistor the book suggests taking measurements with the serial readings from before you use the LED, but when you add the LED into the mix the little bit of light it gives off greatly effects the thresholds. No big deal, just have to adjust the numbers, but it's exactly that kind of thing you often overlook during the build.


  1. Thank you for the suggestion, Aaron! You can also compensate for this by putting a paper cone around the light sensor to block light from entering from the side.