Wednesday, December 7, 2016

12/6 Final Project Process 3

After many hours of changing Piezos, switching wires, and having to deal with one of the Arduinos basically failing on me, I have come to a sort of final destination for my piece. I had to attach the Piezo to the side of a bag in order for it to detect any vibrations. However, its range is extremely finnicky and changes almost every time I plug the Arduino in. I didn't know how to deal with this. How you're supposed to have the wires plugged in apparently changes sometimes, too. Nothing was, or is, constant.

Nevertheless, at this point I have found out how to make the Piezo measure vibrations in a range. I will just have to edit the code accordingly right before class in order to match up with whatever range of values it decides to give me then. I have the space in Unity all set up, and no matter what happens, it will work to an extent. It's just a matter of having accurate interactivity. This was a pain. I am happy with what I've done in Unity, however.

Eh, sorry in advance.

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