Tuesday, October 2, 2012

problems and progress on midterm

first - not sure if i have the right transistor - a bit confused by the specs sheet/read out - will be checking at radio shack/orlando for better option

second - am using a different camera to work with and could only find one switch to wire/solder - the shutter. i don’t believe that I have a power switch on this camera (more on this next) . . .

after assembled put in batteries and camera became really hot - i burnt my fingers taking them out - i think i might have fried the camera :(

camera officially doesn't work - need a replacement

alright - for take 2 - try different camera (test first to make sure works)
  • go to radio shack for recommended resistors
  • try not to kill camera by getting too hot

humidity sensor is up and running - need to test and possibly calibrate  (although for my purposes an accurate read out is not necessary, only an accurate measure of change)

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