Friday, November 27, 2015

Project 2

Just about all my project two information is combined in this post to keep things more organized. Sorry it's a little long.

This project is about both surveillance and the obsession with recording a moment in time. Everyone wants to capture that Kodak moment. But feel like it’s strange when they are being recorded or watched. 

With this project I used an ultrasonic proximity sensor and I had an interface that I set up that looked like a camera. I used this camera template below and used a box to create a very realistic camera. I put the sensor in the camera.

So this is how it works, I have a code that is allowing Processing and Arduino to communicate with each other. The processing code allows the webcam to come on and as you get closer the webcam freezes. 

It amazing how the viewer interacts with this piece. Many people pass by and think they are getting a picture taken. They pose and assume it's taking a picture. I love this because I want the view to question how this project is about surveillance. They have a webcam on them, watching them. Yet they pose and think it's a time to be the center of attention. 

For the Arduino portion of the code I used Figure 3-8: Temperature sensor circuit, check it out below:

In the setup I have my macbook, ipod, iphone, and "camera."

I had the webcam setup to look like facetime.

Here is my source:

Much of this code is from when I took Programming for Artist in the spring.

Here is the Processing portion of the code:

Here is the Arduino portion of the code:

Here is the console of Processing and Serial Monitor of Arduino:

Here is a behind the scene clip:

I'm using the same technology and code for my final project. So when going into my prototype I wanted to use the proximity sensor and make it change a visual. 

Here is my source:

Here is the prototype code and screenshot:

Video of prototype:

Here are more clips of the project:

Other thoughts:
So Charlie mentioned that I could use some of my concept for this project with my final project because it's something the audience is interested in. He also suggested that I make the camera take real photos. I think this is going into another realm for the concept but it's something to think about.

Here is the Fritzing I made it will be very close for my final project:

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