Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mini Project 2, Process post 1 - Jen Herrera

I'm still trying to pull together an idea for my second mini project. I think that because my final project is focusing on touch and communication, that I'd like to explore these topics further in my second mini project.

For touch, I really want to examine the idea of being allowed to touch, or whether or not we should touch something. This could go beyond physical touch perhaps and be connected with the idea of intervention; whether or not your unsolicited touch/intervention is required in a certain situation. If something invites us to touch it, does that mean that we should?

For communication, I would specifically start further research on inter-species communication. I'm not sure how that would evolve into a small project yet since I'd have to see what I find interesting first.

Overall, I want to use one of the lilypads and make another soft circuit. I like regular arduino uno work, but I really enjoy sewing the circuits like I did in my first project. This is especially fitting for projects dealing with touch, as textile have an inherent textile invitation to the viewer. As for the medium to invite the touch, I'm thinking I will most likely sew something simple or do a little bit of crochet. I'm always up for adding craft in to my artwork.

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