Sunday, December 6, 2009

Project Update

I haven't been updating like I should be, but everything seems to be going smoothly. I have the code worked out and all of the circuitry figured out, it's just executing it all together in an aesthetic manner that needs doing. I'm thinking of a box, on the ground, with the motors hidden within the walls, and strings pulling on the item inside he box. I'm going to place it deep enough in the box that you have to get rather close to it to look inside it, thus (hopefully) triggering the switches around it. It's more directional than random this time, I just need to figure out how to get the switches to be more approachable (without having a blatant sign saying "step on me!").
My prototype switches were made from simple aluminum foil, and they worked out great until I did extremely rigorous testing, and they eventually gave out. So I bought some thicker aluminum (couldn't find sheets of copper that I could cut easily) but came to find out that it doesn't conduct barely anything, despite being much sturdier than the foil. So, my new solution to that is to paste the foil onto the sheet metal, which is working quite well! I wonder why the foil conducts so much nicer.
I've also realized my initial idea with this piece, involving the stuffed animal, actually had more meaning to it than I realized at conception. After doing some soul-searching and just thinking about why exactly I was so drawn to the idea of a stuffed animal being torn apart, I realized it may have something to do with my childhood. I'd like this piece to be more personal if it has to be, since one problem I have with making art is making it personal (school art tends to be much more detached from anything I like or tries to divert attention away from myself).

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