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Manga Guide to electricity Part 3 Part 3 Part 3 pp 90-116 (James Worthy)

Manga Guide 3 (pp90 – 116)

1.    What is the relationship between heat and electricity? Please provide a metaphor.

When electricity flows through a resistance heat is produced. The heat produced in this way is called joules heat. I would look at like this if you have this metaphorical friction that happens when electricity goes through a resistance then you have heat being given off just like when squeeze something from a tube.

2.    Why is it warm near an incandescent light bulb?

Its warm around a light bulb because of the thermal energy that is emitted from the object from the resistance of energy going though it that heats up the object (the light bulb). These are called thermal emissions.

3.    What is a superconductor? What are they used for in real life? You may have to look this up. How could one make a metal a superconductor?

A superconductor is a material that has no electrical resistance.  It has a near perfect ability to conduct electricity. This means a metal that is superconductor would have a floe of electricity within it that would never degrade the material.  Tin is an example of a metal that is a superconductor. It is a type 1 superconductor with a critical temperature of -269degrees Celsius and -457degrees Fahrenheit.
To make a metal a superconductor it would need to be cooled down past a certain critical temperature.

4.    What is Ampere's Law?
Ampere’s law Is the creation of circular magnetic fields around a wire when an electric current flows through it.

5.    If current of the same size flows in the same direction in two electric wires placed side by side, what happens?

Is this happens then the two electric magnetic fields generated by the two wire will combine to create one larger magnetic field and will result in the to wires to attract one another.

6.    What happens if current of the same size flows in opposite directions in two electric wires placed side by side?

Then the opposite thing will happen and the two magnetic fields retract each other.

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