Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Process work

Did not work :(  even when plugging the 9 volt to it. We even checked it with a multi meter and it was giving 4 volts which we concluded should be enough for each motor. This circuit only has two motors soldered to it in to save ourselves a little stress and time. The circuit is soldered to hold 12 motors in total

But we took it to a different outlet to see if that was the issue. But I burnt my finger on the board instead.

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  1. I have had really strange issues with the two boards I have getting hot. One got hot on the ATMEGA328P (same as yours), and the other over a smaller surface mount chip (I think the USB IC). Strangely, even when I swapped the 328P to the opposite Arduino board that specific chip still overheated. I was only powering with USB through all of this...strange things do happen.