Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Paragraph on Tom Igoe Article

I like how he looks at things. He says that physical computing is not necessarily something that people get right away and after taking his class people don't usually pick it up again. But I can understand that because I do like the fact that I have worked with things such as this so the experience of having this hands on approach is very impactful I think to my artist experience. I really think that what he says about art and design and engineering when it comes to careers is very interesting, he shows that their is opportunity out there but he also looks at it the way I do in seeing that there are many different things that you can do at the same time. so keep an open mind about your career path in this field. I really like that he knows that there are people working with physical computing and art in the real world, so I know if I wanted to I could go into a career in it as well if I had the right ideas, skills, and drive for the artistic style. I really like to read the part about what artist can bring to Physical computing because it says that we as artist have a keen eye for audio, visual, tactile, and attention to detail but for this field and what makes it cool and interesting is that you also need the eye of an engineer as well and when they are put together you get something great out it.

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